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Frequently asked questions about CIPIO

Domain infusion is CIPIO’s patent-pending domain learning AI engine that gathers and infers domain specific know-how of that particular industry, including the system of records, the system of engagements, KPIs, Lingos, Trends and understands the behavior, patterns, triggers, and intent of the end consumer for that specific industry to make hyper-relevant predictions and recommendations to help our customers retain, grow, and acquire their subscribers on the right channel and device.

Data Apps encapsulate the data engineering and data science capabilities required to consume domain specific data, build use case specific AI models, uncover and codify the operational insights buried in the data, create use case precise predictions and recommendations, automate the execution of those predictions and recommendations with a chosen system of engagement, and create a close loop to learn from every engagement that systematically generates ROI for our customers.

CDPs are complementary to our solution. We use CDPs, and other data lake variants are data sources to create a domain-specific data model. If a customer does not have an existing data lake or CDP, our platform can offer a vehicle to unify, cleanse and create a domain-specific consumer profile data lake. That is not our primary objective, but it is a capability that we can offer to our customers if they need it to help us generate our value.

We have no interest in being yet another Marketing Automation Solution. We integrate with most of the industry-leading Marketing Automation companies. We offer a closed loop automation to push CIPIO’s domain-infused predictions and recommendations using APIs into these systems of engagement. Because we are obsessed with delivering outcomes, we then measure the cause and impact of our recommendations for retention, growth, and acquisition.

We are obsessed with helping our customers grow; hence we have designed CIPIO’s Data Apps Platform for the three of the most critical functions required to operate a subscription business: Retention, Growth, and Acquisition in that order. These Data Apps impact at minimum 70% of B2C’s Subscriber P&L, allowing us to have an extreme stickiness into our customers’ operations.

MRM systems is a Members Relationship Management system that is very similar to CRM in the B2B SaaS Market.

Hubspot, Gymsales, Mailchimp, Emma, Salesforce, In-house customer software, etc.

Zype, Intelivideo, U-Screen, Brightcove, Vimeo

This is where we get excited about our ability to get to $100M ARR fast. CIPIO has multiple ways to grow with its clients. First, our pricing is based on an active number of members and subscribers. As we help our customers grow their member/subscriber base, CIPIO will grow with them. Second, we offer multiple data apps across acquisition, retention, and growth. Most of our clients will start with 1 data app and then upgrade to additional data apps that best help them grow.

The fitness industry pre-covid had started to go through a digital transformation, and COVID then accelerated that transformation. 81% of Millennials exercise or would like to v.s only 61% of Boomers. And 46% of Millennials say they want as much quantifiable data about their health as possible.

“The fitness industry continues to see explosive growth, increases in market size and revenue outpaced predictions, driven by digital technology and consumer sentiment.”
– Fitness Industry Market Report 2021

The CIPIO Platform is a collection of domain-infused data apps. CIPIO offers separately priced data apps for Retention, Growth, and Acquisition. This allows our customers to choose the data apps that they feel will most impact their business. Pricing for each separately priced data app is based on the Gyms total active members/subscribers. This pricing model allows CIPIO to grow with our customers as we help them increase the member/subscriber base.

CIPIO buyer persona is the executives responsible for retention, growth, and acquisition. Generally, the buyer persona for the CIPIO Retention Data App is the COO; for the upsell/cross-sell is the VP of Personal Training, Group Fitness, and On-Demand Fitness; for acquisition, it is the VP of Sales and Marketing.

The ideal customer has a least 5,000 active members/subscribers. A small account for CIPIO will be 5,000 to 25,000 members/subscribers; a medium-size account will 25,000 to 100,000 members/subscribers, and an extensive account will be 100,000 to 300,000 members/subscribers.

Our pricing is based on an active number of members and subscribers. As we help our customers grow their member/subscriber base, CIPIO will grow with them. Our pricing model perfectly aligns with our ultimate value proposition, which is to help us grow.

Machine learning models have to be domain-specific to deliver consumable predictions and recommendations. This can be expensive if your platform and GTM strategy is to address multiple domains/markets. Before CIPIO, most of the intelligence products have been focused on domain agnostic products to avoid the cost. However, this cost has to be then burdened by the customer, and often it is prohibitive in obtaining value from the intelligence products.

CIPIO is solving this by teaching our AI platform the ability to learn a new domain. We are using existing principles of AutoML and applying them to this enterprise use case so that we can be efficient in entering new markets. The patent-pending technology achieves these goals.

The Customer Success Platform market is a critical and rapidly growing market. Customer success platforms are the bridge between data platforms such as CDP and Engagement platforms such as Marketing Automation. Most Customer Success Platforms serve the B2B markets or B2C Transaction based markets like Retail or eCommerce. CIPIO is the only Customer Success Platform that is domain-infused and purposely built for the B2C Subscription markets, which is expected to grow @ 68% CAGR to $478B by 2025.

Most Customer Success Platforms are serving the B2B markets. Of course, there are PRODUCTS that are specifically built for each industry that can not and do not intend to scale for other sectors, and there are some generic platforms serving B2C transactional markets such as retail and commerce services. CIPIO is the only Customer Success Platform that is domain-infused and purposely built for the B2C subscription markets.

Most startups fail because either there is not a market fit or they have built a product that’s not repeatable or ready to scale. Having DX Partners guidance of building MVP from Paper Napkin ideas based on a foundation of build it right the first time that guarantees generating Value for your customers removes the significant risk for our Investors today and in the future.

Any investor that we partner with clearly understands that building a platform is not cheap. $5M will allow us to do 5 things:
1. Build sales and marketing engine in our first beachhead
2. Build out a customer onboarding and success team
3. Further our R&D of our Patent Pending Domain Learning Engine
4. Build an OTT partner program that will accelerate expanding into adjacent B2C subscription markets
5. Begin to build direct sales and marketing for Telecom, Media, and Entertainment Industry

60% of the Seed Round will be used strictly for Sales, Marketing, Customer Onboarding, and of course ensuring Customer Success.

We will start building our OTT partnerships this year and we will expand into the Telecom, Media and Entertainment Industry in 2022.

We are not a Martech solution. We help Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Success teams improve their business outcomes by increasing retention, growth, and acquisition.

To enable this, we automate the execution of our recommendations in Martech systems. However, our recommendations are not exclusively for Martech. They are consumed by OTT, Mobile Apps, Member Resource Apps, etc. While the decision-maker for our software is the COO, we serve a variety of customer-focused functions for our customers.